About Edit International

Edit International's Old Website Welcome To Our New Website!
We have given our site a new look as we continually reinvent ourselves in the dynamic and rapidly changing field of journalism. A new look but the same legacy Edit International was built on, and the same mission of spreading unique and quality feature news to every corner of the world. (Right: old website)

Edit International was founded in 1969 by Ron Laytner, a freelance writer/photographer whose work has run in 300+ magazines and newspapers around the world, and counting.

Mr. Laytner was born in Canada and began his career at The Toronto Star. After winning the National Newspaper Award, the Canadian version of the Pulitzer Prize, he left for Europe and Life Magazine. He went on to Paris Match, The London Sunday Times, and was syndicated by the New York Times Service. Then Ron Laytner went out on his own, forming Edit International and syndicating himself and a few other good writers and photographers.

Today Edit International syndicates to countries in all corners of the world and its writers are published in over 30 languages.