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Ron Laytner
Ron Laytner has captured moments in time throughout his 50 years as a photojournalist. From our archives these are just a few of those captured moments in history.

Edit International Photos
Older Photography website featuring some of the photos from Ron Laytner's long career.
Ron Laytner Howard Hughes Books
The true story of Howard Hughes in Las Vegas. This book is based on Ron Laytner's interviews with Robert Maheu, the man who ran Howard Hughes' Las Vegas Empire for 17 years.

"The True Story of Howard Hughes in Las Vegas"
A link to purchase the book from

Agency Sites

Bulls Press
Bulls Press
I have worked with Bulls many times over the years. Bulls Press is a partner for Licensing, Syndication, Pictures, New Media and Publishing.
All Over Press
All Over Press
All Over Press International is one of the leading picture agency chains in Northern Europe with offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm and Tallinn.
Barcroft Media
Barcroft Media
Barcroft Media are a media content company based in London, England. With a team of photographers constantly out shooting pictures and a group of journalists chasing great new exclusives, our energetic company is regarded as one of the best in the world.
Grazia Neri
Grazia Neri
Grazia Neri agency, forty years old, is the leading independent photographic source in Italy for distribution and production of photojournalism and photography.
IML Image Group
IML Image Group is based in Athens Greece providing image licensing and assignment services to clients worldwide, both directly and through our international distribution network.

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Realtor specializing in South Florida property sales in and around Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida.
Public Good Relations
Rapidly growing PR business of Lance Laytner's. A venture into public relations that promotes press for companies and individuals with the public's best interest at heart.
South Florida Camera Club
The South Florida Camera Club is open to anyone interested in photography. They are a group of photography enthusiasts ranging in skill from beginner to advance professionals.
Dedicated to quality and functionality, Design215 excels in website design which we at Edit International have seen first hand. Based in South Florida, Robert Giordano, Desgn215's founder continues to produce stunning photography, which we highly recommend.